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Name:Jess Hamby
Birthdate:Feb 5
Location:Louisiana, United States of America

Name: Jessica "Jess" Hamby
Age: Hardly matters when you're immortal.
Occupation: Waitress.
Location: Bon Temps, Louisiana.
Likes: Blood, but only because it's essential for survival. Music, movies, reading, fashion, dancing, roaming after dark.
Dislikes: Sun, silver, fire, boring individuals, politics, stuffiness.
Marital Status: At the risk of sounding cliché, it's sort of complicated.
Anything Else?: Generally friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. Never sets out to intentionally harm anyone, but sometimes...things happen.

Disclaimer: This is a roleplay journal for Jessica Hamby from the HBO television series True Blood (who will be played from both show canon and AU). PB for this journal is Deborah Ann Woll. Nothing belongs to me, no money is to be made, all is done for fun. Muse, Mun and PB are all 21+.
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